mastery in change & resilience.

A must have in the change process

Calling yourself an EED leader or facilitator means you master resilience, growth and success in times of change

EED is one of the most sophisticated concepts to help leaders leading their team and organization through change. Although the methodology is quite new , EED ( Emergent Essence Dynamics ) already competes with some of the biggest companies. Due to its precision and speed it applies especially for marketing change as a context where pace and uncertainty are much more dominant than in other industries. This although the impact of digital transformation is omnipresent. Years ago EED was designed to bring transformational coaches to exceptional mastery and it is still the way to go for master coaches. But today it is a program for change managers, leaders and organizations. Very few approaches work as precise and as fast and can be applied in complex organizational contexts due to its fractal basis. The main difference to standard approaches is that it has a consequent focus on resilience first and a trademarked methodology to build. Leaders, teams and managers, consultant but also coaches learn to build their own resilience and resilience in others that change can occur with less risk and the power within the change can be fully unleashed. The Application of EED based change management and organizational learning is rootet in the principles of fractal organizations and relationship dynamics invented by Troy Yorke in 2005.

EED is developed in more than 15 years of experience in organizational change.

Troy Yorke is a well known transformational change consultant,

former faculty member of the biggest transformational change approaches in the

world ( CTI ), ORSC practitioner and supports individuals and organizations

trough change processes over more than 15 years. Through the practical identification of the core gaps in traditional approaches he designed EED as a basic concept of all change and

transformation programs on individual and organizational level. 

EED is designed as a unifying principle for all disciplines in the transformation

arts (coaching, leadership, mediation, psychology, healing, therapy,

self-development, etc) as it pinpoints the fundamental level driving all human

dynamics and transformational cycles – based on fractal cycles found everywhere

in nature and in life.

“Troy Yorke has done a wonderful job pulling together some very sophisticated concepts, presenting them in an accessible and useable format. A real value-add for anyone who works with empowering others!”– 

Karen Kimsey-House, Founder of CTI – Coaches Training Institute

Human barriers arise in most periods of change, such as uncertainty avoidance, and resistance to loss of power or status.

Beatty and Gordon

“A failure to perceive the strategic benefits of the (IT change) investment, a lack of co-ordination and co-operation due to organizational fragmentation, and a perception of high risk are all symptoms of organizational problems.”

Beatty and Gordon

“The key to not only surviving such events, but to prospering during such upheavals, we argue, is human resilience. While human resilience may be thought of as a personality trait, in the aggregate, groups, organizations, and even communities can learn to develop a “culture of resilience” which manifests itself as a form of “psychological immunity” to, or the ability to rebound from, the untoward effects of adversity.“

Troy Yorke

APRIL 2019

EED Leadership Training

Twice a year Troy Yoke himself holds his

Change and Leadership Programm for Facilitators .

START EUROPE SERIES 2019: 5th of April

For larger organizations the EED Program is delivered inhouse.

Already hundreds of leaders and coaches have been trained by him in the last ten years and his contribution to changing markets by training professionals. In three modules professionals learn to handle change behavior, create resilience, work with polarities and in paradox situations, get to work with the EED mastery model and are trained in “Hero´s Story” for facilitating and creating change stories. EED for marketing is based on the complexity model of dynamic systems, organic change and fractal theory and organizational learning theory.


Customized marketing change management

Together with Rooftop and partners, Troy Yorke has created a change program that precisely applies to the current and specific changes in marketing organizations that occur due to the eroding change of the whole marketing paradigm.

Todays marketing organizations have to deal with and incredible pace of changing marketing environment, fast transformation to automated and data driven entities and the challenge of cross functional, agile work. For teams and leaders a growth driven mindset and resilience based leadership. For leaders EED combines the main skills of change leadership, mediation and facilitation. The unique skillset like marketing , process and change know how of the team is a unique selling proposition to the market.

The change dynamic itself, not the people give a spark of creativity. As the first  RESILIENCE APPROACH, EED is able to handle complex and paradox environments such as the actual new marketing paradigm and the technological transformation of marketing, sales and customer experience management  is facing on a larger scale.

Troy Yorke

Arts applied to change

Troy Yorke is a Performance Mastery Trainer for Executive Leaders and Change Professionals, he now travels extensively to train EED internationally, and was formerly Senior Faculty Member with Coaches Training Institute – one of the biggest Change Institutes of the world and regarding Harvard Gold Standart of transformational programs and has found his own international coaching school that is already competing with authorities like Goldman to bring leaders and facilitators to mastery. His diverse background as an award-winning concert pianist, composer, writer, Hollywood Film/TV actor and producer incorporates a wealth of knowledge working with (digital ) change, human creativity and high-performance behavior.

Train yourself and your team in resilient performance with a well known Hollywood Actor from films like Missing, Scary Movie, Poltergeist, Final Destination, Strange World, Verbrechen aus Leidenschaft u.v.m. On top of that, as a famous concert pianist and composer Troy worked for the UN.


“Repetitions as a constant EED pattern are designed to get people to respond from an immediate truth and allows everybody to have is own truth and not give up resilience and strength and give away power “. Troy Yorke  

Troy Yorke´s work is deeply inspired by his career as a famous concert pianist and Hollywood actor. He uses main principles of creating music, acting, actors training and story-writing to create the transformational work and teaching of the main principles and relationship dynamics in change.

From many research on the change process itself, we know how important the principles acting and of storytelling are to make change stick and last and Troy Yorke is one the first that adopted acting principles to change management. Two of the most powerful instruments he uses are Meisner repetitions and Hero´s Journey


“Nearly every EED Training begins with repetitions because that opens communication.“ Troy Yorke  

Repetitions are a program invented by Sanford Meisner, a New York actor teacher. He revolutionized the whole acting approach making people very authentic truthful and ionic. We use the repetition exercise to get into a natural flow state to get into a natural response of what happens in the context in ever moment.

Result: Presence, Awareness, Activity

It naturally surfaces conflict dynamics and brings people in relationship dynamics.Repetition creates experience of flow states coming from essence and truth and diversity. And helps to create a unique /strong point of view. The whole EED is based on action and response and creates a constant rhythm and flow. Learning a strong point of view will give strong response and will open a more compelling and creative deeper mind of the change. It also helps to create more efficiency out of poor meeting cultures.

“EED Repetition work is opposite of common tools in change and coaching that temper neutralize or modify which at long term makes the organizational mind and people and leadership fragile. Repetitions promotes resilience and transparency. ” Troy Yorke 

The EED Mastery Model of Organizational Learning through resilience gives a clear reference point at any time of the process.

The 8 Steps of Truthful Relationship and that is called LOOPS ,

the EED Model of Polarities and communication dynamics give clear and consistent reference point at any process dynamic.

Change managers will understand the duality and the level of opposition and can reconcile by bypassing linear, binary communication processes.

Loops are a technique for accessing resilience though direct organic intentional dialogue ( called vertical and horizontal loops ). This  through key questions for accessing, learning then process in a fast and tangible way anybody can operate on.

Turbulence is the new norm.

Empowering fast environments and agile mindsets

“The constant problem and status quo of change management is, that tools like NVC, Coaching and a lot of other change instruments go to a static state productivity but are fast, agile, organic and creative enough. And that in these fast environments, the change dynamic can switch at any time and put projects on risk. Triggers, red buttons of the organization, teams and individuals, eliminating exhaustion, toxic circles can stop change at any time and destroy value.

Organizations don´t need pure coaches they want and need involved leaders and change managers. People with real and strong leadership capacity and and approach that integrates mediation skills. And they are searching or tools faster and further. In highly cluttered technical and political

environments with every day less resources an higher competitive

pressure organisations have to get to the core issues.”

Troy Yorke


Elements of change management dedicated for marketing.

Powerful leaders und change manager, facilitation, meaning coaching, mediation, moderation, technical- & skill trainings, visioning & strong communication are the core elements of successful change. They reduce the risk of change dramatically.

Ideally these different tools work integrated.

For marketing organizations we deliver dedicated and integrated solutions with the right industry background.

EED Leadership & Change Certification

Twice a year Troy Yorke is holding a certification program for leaders, change managers, consultants, agile coaches and leadership, executive coaches.

For organizations certifications are done in house.

EED Organizational Application

We provide single workshops and ongoing Team Facilitation.

EED Application programs educate teams in special topics and offer workshops on brand personality, creating change stories (Hero´s Journey) and facilitate project and team journeys.

EED Special Topics

Based on the unique EED concepts, we offer open programs for special targets like Female and Digital Leadership, Truthful Sales Relations, Providing Feedback, Presence and Storytelling for presentations and pitches, Agility in Leadership.

Our programs rum open and in house.

Change Skillstraining & Consultancy

Our change programs are combined with marketing training programs and marketing consultancy by Rooftop & Partners

( Customer Excellence GmbH and CMO Academy )

Excellence for the communications market.

Our target groups for Marketing Change Management are Marketing Organizations to foster Team and Leadership Performance. We support Sales Organizations in lasting client relationship and sales growth. The same applies for Marketing and Marketing Tech Suppliers that face the change to become a core consultant in marketing organizations. For Marketing and Media Agencies and Consultancies we empower leaders and consultants in powerful client relations. All programs are based on the resilient EED framework that helps people and organizations to grow and change from a deeper resilience and creative organizational mind.

EED Female Leadership Workshop

March 30 – 31 th


In cooperation with World Wild Women – a LeanIn Circle and Female Growth Network in Frankfurt where great women meet to support each other.

EED Account & Sales Workshop

May 15 – 16.


EED Reconciling Conflict

Short Desription

Date 12.34 -23-45


To attend the reconciling conflict course you have to have finished the first EED Module to understand the dynamic of relationships and get familiar with the technique of repetition.

The Difference

Why is EED different, faster and more precise?

Concepts based on transactional analysis or cognitive therapy are successful approaches that also adress polarities and triangular processes but the concept is about to create solution or resolution instead of solving and resolving by working across the dynamic. In EED change dynamics are the main source of information for the deeper creative mind of the organization instead of bypassing it. The three main problems of traditional approaches:

1) RECONCILIATION – By not reconciling, not shifting organizational dynamics in the change process and by just shifting actions and behaviors people and try to create alignment instead of using the information of the process the process itself creates resistance and unproductive processes.

2) DYNAMIC – By avoiding the role and dynamic of change itself – because of the lack of appropriate instruments in other approaches – these programs create instead of resolve common change patterns like personal or organizational resistance and are putting projects and change programs at the risk..

3) INTEGRATION – Classic Change programs focus either on vision work, transformational leadership development, facilitation ( almost classic coaching , communication and training approaches ) mediation or a combination of some of these elements. According to EED all principles have to be integrated to reconcile resisting patterns and organizational dysfunctions. As a challenger program EED is pitching now together with some of the biggest change companies like CTI and Goldman because of its new and resilience based change approach.

4) STATUS & ROLE Most approaches go either for keeping roles or sacrifice of role (also status) as part of the change alignment that creates the resistance causing the potential risk of change like loosing talents, financial risks, loosing speed. EED works actively within in the dynamics of the negotiation process, so that it can become a productive process of creation instead of being destructive. EED Leaders and Change facilitators welcome friction as a creative source without loosing power and compassion. On top of that EED is able to decrease the risk of the change as an adoption to external change triggers, because in order to resolve pattern by going through and processing the conflicts as “alignment oriented” or “positivity oriented” approaches do. EED Leaders and Facilitators can acknowledge all patterns of resistance without going through it.

5) SAVETY INTEGRITY & COMPLIANCE – EED does not need an escalation of patterns to reconcile them. Everything can be worked safely at the micro-level. EED prefers to work with micro-behaviors and micro-reactions rather than get into hot irreversible dramas and doomsday scenarios. EED can also “channel” the dynamics through other practitioners to safely work them out. This way, the “client” can watch and learn from the dynamic (like experiencing a movie) rather than processing the dynamic first-hand and risk (re)traumatizing themselves or getting locked into old programming. EED even prefers reconciling dynamics by channeling them because it’s cleaner and efficient all around and safer and more valuable for the team.

No need to be in alignment.

Working with cross functionality, silos and different cultures

Lots of approaches are based on a win-loose or compromise scenario,  to resolve the situation but they are not mediating the relationship. In all industries, desiloisation, cross functional collaboration and also cross-culture communication is key to future success. Very often very specialized functions like IT with their own vocabulary and business processes or controlling are involved. Alignment and translation would take too much time and would annoy people, like traditional approaches work with.

Kerstin Clessienne, Rooftop Consulting

EED is able to integrate different culture and  groups of different change managers EED Facilitation is cutting edge to upgrade internal leaders and internal or external coaches. Coaching is an incomplete skillset. What is called coaching can evolve  in the organizational context and in the context of change, to a no pure and isolated skillset because lack of leadership, charge and provocation. Very often coaching only creates no strong POV and work from the immediate response – but we need a more proactive way because non interference approaches don´t work for change.”

Troy Yorke


Heart-Brain Body Training support leaders and corporate health managers in understanding neuroscience based leadership. A fundamental knowledge about the brain-Heart-Body-Axis is mandatory in todays leadership skillset. For demonstration and visualization we have to possibility to use modern brain mapping technologies and bio-feedback to give a live experience of the brain working.

Therefore EED becomes also a crucial part of modern business health management. Neuroscience is included in the EED full training but also offered as single management or team workshops. our technological capabilities are unique. The EED resilience training is part of our BGM Portfolio for modern change management.


Emergent Essence Dynamics™ frees the practitioner to work more cleanly and provocatively using a full, dynamic range with much stronger presence.The practitioner cuts through resistance with speed, courage and precision, easily targeting the fundamental beliefs that currently drive each moment. 

M1 – Revealing Essence

Revealing Essence introduces you to Relationship Dynamics™, a powerful tool that transmutes the working relationship into a parallel process – any dynamic that sparks up between you will always reveal the deeper hidden issues at play. The Relationship Dynamic becomes a live arena for transformation, safely playing out each issue as they emerge, and concretely shifting them in real-time. You no longer need a “topic”, “problem” or “story” to spark transformation – The Relationship Dynamic itself IS the transformation! The real story lives in the subtle reactions and key behaviors provoked by the Relationship Dynamic. It consistently opens a dimension of such truth that you’ll never need to depend on “topics” again!


7 Elements of a Relationship Dynamic™: Reveal fractal patterns that drive each moment

Practice 6 Levels of Awareness that increase intuition and sharpen precision

Redirect choices and behaviors using Archetypal Resilient Self / Pathetic SelfIntroduction to the 10 Essential Qualities™ and how to activate a Resilient flow-state

M2 – Embodying Essence

Embodying Essence teaches you advanced applications of Relationship Dynamics™ to manage conflict, neutralize high resistance and release stubborn repetitive patterns. In real-time, you have people actively embody the polarity driving their situation to test out new patterns that radically shift and neutralize the dynamic at play. Further applications of the EED Model include using Enneagram Archetypes, Polarity Dynamics™, Chaos Theory, Embodied Role-Play, Advanced Anchoring Techniques and you are introduced to the 7th and 8th Levels of Awareness


Polarity Dynamics™: How Pathetic Selves work in pairs to cause inner conflict & resistance

Shifting Polarities: 5 Strategies to PLAY the dynamic and interrupt the polarity midstream

Reconciling Polarities: How Pathetic Selves can be reconnected back to EssencePeel away layers of resistance using Body Wisdom and Emotional Intelligence techniques10 Essential Qualities™: reconcile polarizing beliefs to restore wholeness and well-being

M3 – Conducting Essence

Conducting Essence examines how to consciously reconstruct ourselves internally, in order to pro-actively influence, shape and shift our external reality. Here we use the most advanced and creative applications of Relationship Dynamics™ – interacting on a super-receptive level to access the very structure of our essential nature. This fluid state of “plasticity” sets the foundation for creating new realities where we reconcile negative patterns, remold fundamental beliefs, and reprogram self-defeating habits with clear intention – anchoring potent structures and strategies that set up rewarding action. This work is both revolutionary and amazingly simple, aligned with natural cycles that work on the fractal level.


Success-Oriented mindset: reprogram self-defeating thinking, language and behavior

Hero’s Journey: map a person’s own unique transformational process and creative cycle

Essential Purpose™: reconcile past, present and future to liberate momentum and agility

9 Elements of Intelligent Action™: structures that increase flexibility, creativity, and resilience during any challenge or setback, minimizing loss of drive or focus


60 CCEUs by the International Coach Federation (20 CCEUs per module)

Each module is three full days of experiential training, interactive exercises, group debriefs, and supervised practice.



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What EED Alumni say about EED Leadership

Sandra Reupke-Sieroux,

“My experience with EED has been brilliant and totally amazing!

Transformative, intense, empowering and reconciling are the words that comes to mind.”

Mary Flaifel

PMP, CPCC, ORSCC, Relationship Systems Coach, NLP Master

“This is one of the best workshops that I have attended in the last few years! This course is

so deep that it still captures my thoughts on a daily basis, and sends me on tangents for its


Fernando Lopez

CPCC, ORSCC, Relationship Systems Coach & ORSC Supervisor

“It’s absolutely one of the best courses that a coach can take. You’re in for a treat! It offered

a new paradigm for creating truth and authenticity. I can’t recommend it strongly enough to anyone looking for a more magical, authentic, coaching capacity.”